Pre Charter Guidelines

Make sure you’re prepared before we launch. Review these rules and guidelines to prepare for your trip!

Things to Bring:

  • Good sunglasses (preferably polarised lenses)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat and buff
  • Food, water and snacks
  • Canadian and Walpole Island fishing licences (Ontario licence can be found online, Walpole licence can be purchased at the variety store in Mitchell’s Bay)
  • Comfortable clothing for the weather conditions
  • A copy of our Fishing Activity Waiver

General Rules :

I am responsible for your safety aboard my boat. Please be aware of the rules before you book.

  • I will walk you through a full safety talk of where all safety items are located in the boat as you board.
  • Please disclose any life-threatening conditions such as severe allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, flu-like symptoms, seasickness or any medication required before your trip (preferably online in comments with your booking).
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times (will be provided)
  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted onboard
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted onboard.
  • Smoking is not permitted onboard
  • Please take your trash with you.


  • It is my decision if the weather poses a threat to our day and I will have the right to cut a day short or postpone. A refund of time or other arrangements such as rescheduling will take place and will be mutually agreed upon.
  • Wind can be an issue in the main lake and alternate sheltered areas can be accessed during those days with fabulous fishing opportunities!

Other Considerations:

I am a professional with all my guests. I will do my very best to put everyone on fish and teach you about the habits, habitat, lures and techniques and have multiple locations planned to give you the best opportunity to have a successful day with me.

I encourage you to ask me any questions about what you should expect when you book a trip with me. I am truly an open book to my clients and really want to make you a successful angler!

Please make sure you download and read our Activity Waiver before booking. You can find our waiver here.

If you have any questions before booking or before your scheduled trip please feel free to contact me.